As a partner of Olympique Lyonnais for the past 8 years, the APRIL Group didn’t wait for the World Cup to support Women’s Football!

By on 15 May 2019

We are now a few weeks away from the start of the Women’s Football World Cup, to be held for the first time in France, and it is already rousing high expectations and genuine enthusiasm. Numerous articles and reports are shining a spotlight on the French team, and also highlighting the influence of the upcoming World Cup on the number of license holders in France, which is currently estimated at 165,000. Not forgetting the number of national television broadcasts of this major event, which will -at long last!-, put professional women’s football centre-stage in France and give it the recognition it deserves.

We are a Premium Partner of an exceptional team since 2011: Olympique Lyonnais, which became French champion for the 13th time in May 2019, and many of the team’s players will be involved in the World Cup having been selected by their respective countries (France but also Japan, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and Argentina). We can only rejoice in this media frenzy and all that it brings, namely this incredible interest in women’s football.

Yes, women’s football is the perfect pitch for a company that wants to showcase its brand and enhance its image. Differently. It was indeed our desire to do things differently that led us to establish our partnership with the Olympique Lyonnais Women’s team. What could be more natural for an insurer whose goal for the past 30 years has been to help change the image of insurance, than to join a team that has changed and continues to change the image of football and the place of women in this male dominated sport? What could be more logical for an actor eager to anchor their values ​​in solid foundations, than to see them shared with this team; a team for which simplicity, proximity, accessibility and the importance of relationships take on a particular meaning? For us, our partnership with the Olympique Lyonnais women’s team represents a partnership in shared values ​​and ever-improved performance. It has been a daring venture into unchartered territories for us, in terms of sports sponsorship as APRIL was the first advertiser to make publicity spots featuring football players in France!

We are proud of these exceptional champions, especially as many of them have been selected for the World Cup and we will continue to support them. Furthermore, we are pleased to see that advertisers are now coming out en masse to support them, both in and outside of the context of this event. I dare say, that today there is a strong and shared conviction in this high-level sport practiced by professionals, and this will be the year that women’s football reaches a significant milestone in its history.


Maya Raimbaud