We are now a few weeks away from the start of the Women’s Football World Cup, to be held for the first time in France, and it is already rousing high expectations and genuine enthusiasm. Numerous articles and reports are shining a spotlight on the French team, and also highlighting the influence of the upcoming […]

The official road accident figures recently published by the World Health Organization remind us of the permanent importance of road prevention: every year, approximately 1.3 million people lose their lives in road accidents across the world[1]. Although this figure is falling in some countries, road prevention actors, associations and public authorities are not taking their […]

With the signing of the Brexit agreement in mid-November, 13% of French expatriates living in the United Kingdom are considering returning to France[1]. If the economic and political situation has not yet stabilized, these attempts to return home by expatriates will raise real questions for their employers, and in a probably fairly short period of […]

Every moment of life is based on insurance and this is undoubtedly even truer internationally. Global citizens (expatriates, globe trotters, students, high-income individuals…) are sometimes far from the well formalized framework of health care of their country of origin, from their country of residence and from their coverage. They evolve in countries whose codes and […]


Like all professionals in the insurance sector, I note the acceleration of developments – regulatory, technological and their growing impact on our structures. The urge is (ones’) transformation. Transforming organizations, working methods, ways of thinking, managerial practices and learning methods is a priority. As Director of Human Development and of the University, it is my […]

Un jeune entrepreneur est au téléphone, devant son ordinateur portable

They are reconverted pastry craftsmen, translators, seamstresses and wine bar managers. They are craftsmen, traders, freelancers, startupers. Because their driving forces are autonomy, freedom and mobility and because they are thirsty for discovery and challenges, they undertake by choice and have opted, out of conviction, for new forms of work and new ways of operating […]

Two summer schools on artificial intelligence were held in early July, in Grenoble (France) and Saclay (France). AI and its impacts on citizens, companies and organizations will have greatly contributed to the debates in the public and economic spheres in the first half of 2018. As France seeks to position itself as a leader in […]

No. Social and business are not mutually exclusive. Moreover, social business is on the rise and this is quite legitimate. After years of “social washing” during which many companies wore a CSR varnish, many managers finally perceive the essential role played by the social dimension of their activity. This is true everywhere, in all structures, […]

The profession of insurance professionals has long since ceased to correspond to simple risk coverage and coverage in the event of a claim. Over time, the development of our ecosystems, the strengthening of regulations and the digitalization of society, among other things, have made us almost real outsourced risk managers, and this is certainly part […]